He doesn’t even have a clue that he doesn’t have a clue

OK, I promised not to spend all my time picking on Don Surber’s ridiculously right-wing blog, but this post requires some ridicule. Surber picks up on an article from The California Institute of Technology that discusses why New York is so much colder than Portugal, even though they’re at the same latitude. The article explains that for a long time this was thought to be because the Gulf current carried heat from warmer waters toward Europe, but research found that could only be responsible for 10 percent of the difference. What Cal Tech researchers recently discovered is that the Gulf current is responsible, but not because it warms Europe. Instead, the warm water off the coast of the United States creates conditions that cool the Eastern coast:

Using computer simulations of the atmosphere, the researchers found that the warm water off an eastern coast will heat the air above it and lead to the formation of atmospheric waves, drawing cold air from the northern polar region. The cold air forms a plume just to the west of the warm water. In the case of the Atlantic Ocean, this means the frigid air ends up right over the northeastern United States and eastern Canada.

Surber completely misses this. “No one in California has heard of the Gulf Stream? No one?” he asks. Uh, yeah. They’ve heard of it, Don. But scientific research proved the current wasn’t warming Europe.

He then goes on to criticize the researchers for accepting funding from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the the National Science Foundation, claiming that somehow the researchers are “repackaging the Gulf Stream as proof of global warming to advance a socialistic agenda,” even though, at least from the Cal Tech article, the researchers don’t appear to be linking this to global warming at all.

Don completely misconstrued the point of the research, and left his readers with a totally false impression. Sadly, that is what he often does.


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  1. dave says:

    Sounds like Don Surber and Ken Cuccinelli must have gone to different schools together. Are you sure
    Don isn’t writing Morgan Griffith’s press releases about the EPA? Maybe he’s been spiking that Perrier
    water that Morgan says is more contaminated than what comes out of the coal mines he has fallen in love with.

  2. Joe Mostowey says:

    Interesting that social security is said to be failing. Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants pay into the system -and will never draw a dime. My father who worked for more than 50 years drew less than 2 years. My mother never drew at all, nor my older syster who worked for twenty eight years before dyin, nor my older brother who worked for 43 years and died never seeing a penny, Many of my uncles and aunts also never saw social security -but they paid. Why? Because it was something that if they had lived, would have been there for them.

    Abortion? Many of the 23 percent aborted would be from the lower middle class, and poverty groups, which would increase the burden on social security and other social programs, if the stated statistics are accurate, Many would also probably have been democrats. Further, intodays economic clime, of low wages, hard to find jobs, they would have burdened the system to the breaking point.

    Wanna make social security sound? Remove the cap. Lower eligibility to reflect need rather than giving a person who has millions a social security paycheck- If he loses all his money, then he still would have the social security to fall back on, -which is what it was meant to be for.

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