Sarah Palin hates even the conservative media

If you’re Sarah Palin, even Tucker Carlson’s conservative Daily Caller is part of the “lamestream media.” Conservative pundits, growing increasingly disenchanted with Palin, were blasting her for the fact that the producers of her reality show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” took advantage of a very generous subsidy offered by the state of Alaska thanks to a bill signed a few years back by then-Gov. Sarah Palin. A Daily Caller reporter was doing a story on the criticism and asked Palin for a comment. The only way Palin would agree to answer questions (again, from a very conservative media source) was if the reporter would agree to reprint her full, 646-word statement with the piece.

The reporter dutifully did this on the second page of the story, after quoting extensively from the statement in the body of the article.

That wasn’t good enough for Empress Palin, who took to her favorite medium for unfiltered communication with her adoring fans, Facebook, with a blistering post criticizing the reporter for burying her statement on the second page after “spinning a situation to give the impression that Alaska’s film production tax credit legislation was somehow solely my idea hatched up to benefit the Palins years before I was ever involved in a documentary series on TLC/Discovery Channel.” By “spinning the situation,” Palin meant quoting conservative critics. She felt her entire lengthy statement should have been at the top of the article – which makes me wonder what kind of grades she got in journalism school.

Last week, Palin told Greta Van Susteren that she was “through whining about a liberal press that holds, especially conservative women, to a different standard.”

Apparently, however, she’s more than willing to continue to whine about the conservative press.



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