Republican officials apparently need civics classes

What is it with Republican officials’ failure to understand basic principles of how government is supposed to work?

Like, the checks and balances between the legislative, executive and judicial branches? Or the pretty basic fact that one house of Congress can’t pass a law by itself?

Republicans flunked understanding of both of those concepts recently. In Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker attempted to ignore a judge’s injunction of the law passed by Senate Republicans eliminating collective bargaining for state employees. The judge was not pleased. Incredibly, some Republican officials continue to insist that the law is in effect, despite the injunction and pending appeal.

The situation in the U.S. House is even worse, and even more inexplicable. Republicans are seriously considering legislation that they say would make the budget passed by the House take effect if the Senate fails to pass a spending measure by April 6. “We’re serious. We want to take care of this problem so we can get on about the business of this nation and get Americans back to work,” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said, reinforcing his status as a post turtle.

Republicans are serious? They seriously think that they can pass a bill that will become law if the Senate refuses to act on it? They are either seriously ignorant of congressional procedure or seriously playing the American people for fools. What they are most definitely not is serious about governing.

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