Obama’s brackets bomb, oh my

There have been some stupid and trivial criticisms of President Obama since he took office. The ludicrous claim that speech encouraging kids to excel in school was really an attempt to indoctrinate a captive audience, for instance. The notion that Obama doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism or refuses to even say the word (despite the fact that he discusses that more than President Bush).

But the latest criticism is mind-bendingly ridiculous: After first excoriating the president for taking time during a busy week to appear on ESPN to reveal his March Madness brackets, conservatives are now dissing the president for joining a good portion of the population in seeing his brackets busted.

Blogger Don Surber snarked: Remember how super-duper marvelous Dear Reader’s NCAA picks were?

He was a regular basketball savant because he is just so much smarter than the rest of us.

Well it is a funny thing because as we are down to the Final Four, none of the presidential picks made it. Ohio State didn’t make the Elite Eight. Neither did Duke. Pittsburgh did not make it to the Sweet 16 and Kansas just lost to VCU.

But the comments to Surber’s snarkfest got really silly:

There are always flies in the ointment and no one can get them all correct but the fact that he refused to try and identify any of them tells me all I need to know about his willingness and or ability to analyze anything–even the thing he apparently loves most.

What tripe. If Obama’s March Madness performance is found worthy of criticizing, he must be handling everything else pretty well.

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