Do Americans know what Republicans want?

I understand disenchantment with Democrats as much as the next guy, but I continue to be amazed by Republican popularity, such as it is, because what Republicans admit openly they want for the country is so opposed to the best interests of most people in the nation.

For instance, the cuts they are pushing at the federal level will put hundreds of thousands of people out of work. That not only doesn’t seem to bother them, but House Speaker John Boehner publicized a report put together for his party that argues that putting lots of high-skilled federal employees out of work will be good for the economy. Why? Doing so will “increase the available supply of educated, skilled workers, thus lowering labor costs.”

In plain English, Republicans are arguing that putting high quality government workers out of their jobs will lower wages and thus encourage businesses to hire more people.

Unemployment is hovering around 9 percent. Most Americans probably believe the available supply of educated, skilled workers is already high enough, thank you very much. Consciously adding to that supply as an economic policy is utter insanity, and any party putting forth such a notion should be put out on its ear – especially after the last decade of near-total Republican control saw middle class wages stagnate.

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