Faux News living up to its name

The mythical advice given raw reporters by their grizzled editors is this: “If your mother says she loves you, check it out.”

Fox News should take that advice to heart. The right-wing network tends to get taken in by pranks that fit its preconceived notions. Government senselessly spends money, so who would doubt that Los Angeles might spend more than $1 million on jetpacks for police and firefighters? Not Fox News. Global warming “alarmists” do strange things, so no need to fact-check a claim that one of them froze to death while trying to film the Antarctic’s melting ice sheets. Muslims have strange notions about sexuality, so why double-check a story claiming that Pakistani clerics are denouncing padded bras as “devil’s cushions.” Not Fox. After all, you get a bonus for a story you can illustrate with a picture of a woman in a bra (I will refrain, even though this is a new blog trying to attract visitors).

The next time you’re tempted to take Fox News seriously, just remember, the journalists there thought this was a genuine quote:

“Padded bras are evil as they make the breasts look bigger and perky”, said one of the protesters. “Only devil women show off private parts. Muslim women should be as humble about them as they can. In fact they should be ashamed of their breasts, both of them.”

And this was a genuine photograph:

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