Speaking of crazy…

This is the weirdest thing I’ve seen in awhile: From a Reuters investigation (via The Atlantic Wire) of some of the diplomatic cables exposed by WikiLeaks comes this weird tale of a time when Lockheed Martin was prepared to accept 80,000 tons of frozen chickens as payment for F-16s it was trying to sell to the Thai government in 2005. The deal fell through only because the government was overthrown by a military coup.

Frozen chicken for jet fighters is a funny story, but the Reuters piece is actually kind of disturbing – it shows the lengths the State Department was (is?) willing to go to in order to help American defense firms sell their goods to foreign countries, even those with ill intent. (State tried to help Chad buy C-130 transport planes in 2007, even though diplomats knew the planes would be used to put down a pro-democracy movement, and even though they knew Chad didn’t have the funds to buy the equipment.)

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